Meet the teacher – you are in safe hands. 

30 years experience of meditation and mindfulness practice.

Trained in UK, America, Phuket and India.

Spent 13-weeks in silent solitary retreat, under guidance, specifically to learn through my own experience the processes and workings of the mind, and the impact of meditation practice, so that I can authentically pass on these teaching for the benefit of others.

Led retreats throughout the UK.

What does retreat mean?

The origin of the word retreat dates back to c.1300, retrete, meaning “a step backward”. From late c.1400 onwards the word retreat becomes embedded within the military, meaning the act of retiring, withdrawing, or calling back from action or exercise.  From c.1500 its meaning denotes a “a place of seclusion to restore” associated primarily with psychological distress and from 1756 onwards its meaning became synonymous with a period of “retirement for religious self-examination”.

An invitation to step away from normal day-to-day activities – turn the phone off – touch stillness.

Experience extended periods in silence – learn mindfulness meditation.

Becoming aware of the scattered, distracted mind and learn how to still it.

Gain understanding of negative thought patterns and destructive behaviours that keep us stuck and how to change them.

Learn and practice the four foundation of mindfulness.

Learn to nurture and care for yourself.