The Geraldine Thomas Approach

  • 8 1hour one -2-one sessions.
  • 16 1hour Coaching Calls.
  • Video & Audio resourced.
  • PDF workbooks.
  • Accountability support.

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The Geraldine Thomas Approach is an online 24-week, supported and resourced programme offering individual one-2-one sessions, weekly group coaching calls and lifelong learning resources through video, audio and PDF workbooks.

Understanding Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

We live in a world of system overload and technology stimulation where we rarely get five minutes to ourselves to stop and decompress – busy, busy, busy has become the dominating factor.  We find our mind tugged this way and that by the competing demands of work, family, relationships, and life events happening.  The mind-body system reacts to this chaos resulting in toxic stress, anxiety, and depression. This is our mind-body system telling us to STOP but we have become habituated to keep going until we inevitable crash.

System overload – You are not alone.

Stress is simply a bodily reaction (automatic part of our nervous system) to a stressor.  A stressor can be anything (environmental or stimulus) that creates a reaction for example, no ink in the printer could result in anger or rage (toxic stress) for one person and yet for another they would simply replace the ink (positive stress).  It is an individual’s perception of the stressor it what results in either positive or toxic stress.  Positive stress moves us forward (growth enhancing) whilst toxic stress stagnates growth (dysfunction).  It is the toxic stress that has serious implications for our health and wellbeing.

Our systems are not able to switch gears – stuck on overdrive.

Normal functioning of the stress response enables us to deal with challenge and survive a threat.  When a challenge or threat has been registered the    sympathetic nervous system becomes activated resulting in the fight, flight or freeze response.  Once the challenge or threat has passed the parasympathetic system then takes over to bring the mind-body back into a calm, balanced and relaxed state.  This is normal and proper functioning of the human mind-body survival mechanism.

However, research from the past 40 years is showing that when repeated activation of the sympathetic nervous system, stress-threat response, becomes chronic it remains stuck on “overdrive” resulting in toxic stress, burnout, and depression.

On that treadmill – Not able to step off.

The busy, busy, busy world we live in, multi-tasking all the time,  phone and tech stimulation,  juggling family and work, worrying about the past (how that talk went yesterday, reliving conversations repeatedly) or worrying about the future (how am I going to get the project done on time, what will they think about me if I don’t) is showing to be the biggest contributory factor to mind-body system overload resulting in repeated activation of the sympathetic nervous system whereby the threat response (fight, flight or freeze) become stuck on “overdrive”.  When stuck on “overdrive” the mind-body system is unable to return to a calm, balanced and relaxed state.  The impact of which results, over-time, in chronic stress, anxiety or depression.

Anxiety and depression are mind-states which can lead to a variety of unhelpful habits and addictive behaviours including drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.  People can also experience general apathy, loss of productivity, disengagement, relationship problems, dysregulated sleep, or feelings of being stuck or lost in life.

Bombarded by thoughts – anxious feelings – exhausted – it is time to STOP.

The first step to reducing stress, anxiety or depression is to understand the workings and processes of the mind and taking action to do things differently.  Without action there is inaction, no change, no movement, things remain the same, stressed, anxious or depressed going around in cyclic habitual patens of thoughts and behaviours wanting a different result but getting more of the same results.  It becomes a vicious cycle.

Albert Einstein defines this vicious cycle as madness;

“Doing the same things over and over but expecting a different result” – it simply is not going to happen!

It is time to do things differently – we give you the tools and a map to do so. 

Join me for this 24-week programme The Geraldine Thomas Approach to working with Stress, Anxiety and Depression towards greater wellbeing and personal growth.  This programme offers a unique blend of psychoeducation, experiential practice, and accountability support through its group coaching calls.

We give you the  tools and the map to make change and move forward in your life. The key to this is to understand the workings of your own mind, cultivate stability of mind and awareness, develop your minds latent mental faculties and live your life with choice.

Make that call today!

Programme outline:

The Geraldine Thomas Approach is an online 24-week, supportive and resourced programme offering individual one-2-one sessions, group coaching and lifelong learning resources through video, audio, and PDF workbooks.

  • During our initial 1.5-hour consultation we will explore what issues are causing problems for you. This could be elevated levels of anxiety, feeling stressed, low mood or depressed.  It could feelings of being stuck in life, not progressing, unproductive, in a rut, lost, going nowhere, no sense of joy, procrastinating, feeling depleted of energy or drive. Whatever the problem is we can work with it.

After our consultation session we will have a clearer understanding of what your challenge is and how we will be working with it.  To set intention and have a goal to work towards.  

  • You receive eight individual, bi-weekly, 1-hour sessions with me through the zoom platform. During these sessions you will gain understanding of your own mind, how it works, how it can be trained, where it gets stuck, how habits develop, what causes distress, frustration or feelings of apathy and most importantly how to make change and move forward.
  • Each week you will be supported with a variety of techniques and tools to practice through audio, video and PDF workbooks.  These practices have been developed specifically for you to understand the processes of your mind better with the intention to develop stability of mind and increased awareness.  Repetition of the set practices given is key to making change.
  • To support your journey through this programme there will be weekly group coaching calls.  During the group coaching call no personal issues are discussed or shared.  The primary intention of the group coaching call is to ebbed theory and practice and for you to ask questions through the chat function if you are experiencing any barriers or obstacles to your daily practice.  The coaching calls are excellent to keep you connected and provide accountability support.  You can attend the calling calls with video off and there will be no formal introduction.  The coaching calls are a support tool for you.
  • After the 24-weeks you will have access to all resource audio, visual and PDF guides.
  • 8 one-2-one sessions.
  • 16 1hour Coaching Calls.
  • Video & Audio resourced.
  • PDF workbooks.
  • Accountability support.

Book a free 30 minute consultation to see how I can help.